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DISCLAIMER: This is a fanon wiki, meaning that almost all of its contents are fake and fan-made and created purely from the imaginations of its users, so please don't get tricked into thinking these articles are real.

Welcome to Fanon Kingdom!

Welcome to Fanon Kingdom! What's this wiki you might ask? It's a fanon wiki that formerly went by the name of Ficreation where you and your imagination can go wild and bursting with a variety of ideas. Originally, this wiki was owned by a user named Geoshea2000, but after his bitter departure, I decided to go ahead and adopt the wiki to save it from certain destruction. Anyhow, Have fun!
--Yours truly, IAmThe789Guy
We currently have 4,536 articles, 12,153 files and 91,602 edits as of July 21, 2024, and you can help.
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Robyn Stewart Robyn Stewart 15 March

Roger Rabbit Cinematic Universe

Okay everyone! I have to announce that Roger Rabbit Cinematic Universe came out.

Link here: Roger Ra…

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Robyn Stewart Robyn Stewart 13 March

I Have Now Added With Shared Universes On The Buddy Studios Franchises!

Hey everyone! I have to announce that I will now be added with shared universes on the franchises f…

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IAmThe789Guy IAmThe789Guy 2 July 2023

I fixed the wiki.

No more of those Looney Tunes/Doraemon crossovers. They were a POX infecting the wiki.

They were wo…

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IAmThe789Guy IAmThe789Guy 15 June 2023

What is up with all these Looney Tunes films???

It seems that, since the end of May, there have been a shockingly high amount of fan-made Looney Tu…

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LooneyLooneySanti001 LooneyLooneySanti001 17 May 2023

Explosion ACME

Explosion ACME es Un Bloque de Boomerang

  • El Show De Los Looney Tunes
  • New Looney Tunes
  • Doraemon
  • Animania…

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